Why 77 Yates Street

77 Yates Condominium offers a unique and upscale living experience you cannot find in another Niagara condo development. The design is sleek, sophisticated and modern, with classic design elements to compliment the modern feel.

77 Yates St offers access to premium amenities in a prime location, easy and fast access to highways and attractions, and the vibrant culture of the downtown core.

The Building

This one of a kind, stunning modern architecturally designed 6 storey, 37 suite building is located on an exclusive valley setting. Dropping down to the Merritt Trail and waterfront, you won’t find a more perfectly located building within the city. The chic living spaces range from 1,200 to 2,600 square feet.

77 Yates will be built with a grand three-story glass lobby featuring a waterfall wall and courtyard lookout. No need to worry about parking, since the building will offer two levels of secured interior parking with outlets for charging electric vehicles.

Club 77

77 Yates St offers upscale features from the ground to the rooftop, with the exclusive Club 77. Club 77 offers relaxing terraces for you to enjoy the outdoors and take in the spectacular views of the city of St. Catharines and sunset visuals.

Club 77 also features a party room, a fitness centre, and BBQ stations. This rooftop oasis is the perfect destination for your outdoor enjoyment.

Safety and Security



The resilient concrete construction of this contemporary 6 storey condominium provides maximum durability – meaning better safety and comfort along with fewer repairs and lower maintenance costs. This all adds up to a superior investment and better future appreciation potential of your new home.


Durability & Structural Safety


As a highly durable and strong construction material with low maintenance requirements, well-designed concrete structures provide protection against earthquakes and severe weather. It actually gains strength over time, with an effective 100-year service life that conserves resources.


Fire & Safety


Being naturally fire-resistant, concrete does not add to fire load. It actually forms a highly effective barrier against fire and harmful emissions spread. It protects evacuees and fire service personnel. Following a fire, concrete structures generally remain intact, allowing for faster repair and reoccupation.



Weather Tightness


Concrete is not moisture sensitive. It is not subject to rot, rain, or wind damage. It does not attract mold the same way wood construction does.


Health & Air Quality


Concrete-built buildings help mitigate toxic volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that come in many building materials. It also helps to prevent entry of pollens, dust, and other airborne pollutants and potentially harmful microorganisms.



Energy Efficient Design


Thermal-concrete walls and floors slow the passage of heat moving through, thus reducing temperature swings. This reduces energy needs from heating or air-conditioning offering cost savings to residents.



Superior Acoustic Insulation


Concrete’s mass enables it to provide enhanced levels of sound separation to acoustically insulate you from noises outside, between suites and rooms. All party walls and corridor walls are well-exceeding code requirements.